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#Showbiz: Award-winning Puteri Gunung Ledang Musical to return to stage in July

KUALA LUMPUR: Producer, director, actress and arts educationist Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina has some great news for fans of Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical (PGLM).

It will be back in July next year at Istana Budaya in Jalan Tun Razak, with a whole new cast and crew.

Tiara announced the return of PGLM at a press conference in The Love Restaurant, Malaysia Tourism Centre, here today.

She said: "It's been a while since Puteri Gunung Ledang was last staged, and it's going to turn 15 next year.

"The story will remain the same but we will be tweaking its dialogue, props, costumes and some characters to give the musical a fresh, new look.

"But best of all, we will have a whole, new cast and auditions will be announced next month on Enfiniti Productions' website and social media page."

Tiara also said that the musical would also be staged in Singapore's Esplanade Theatre in June next year, before returning to Istana Budaya. Enfiniti Productions also plans to take it on a nationwide tour.

"And if all goes well, we plan to stage it in several countries, and share with global audiences this timeless Malaysian legend."

Tiara, who is the executive producer, will be sitting in the director’s chair.

"It is Enfiniti's 21st anniversary gift for Malaysian fans who have loyally supported us all these years. We are currently looking for actors and actresses to play the main characters Hang Tuah, Sultan Mahmud Shah, the King of Majapahit and the princess herself. They should be able to dance, sing and preferably do silat," said Tiara.

PGLM made its debut in Istana Budaya in February 2006, co-directed by Datuk Zahim Albakri and Adlin Aman Ramlie with music by Dick Lee and lyrics by Adlin.

Restaged in August 2006 and February 2009, it is based on Enfiniti's 2004 film Puteri Gunung Ledang.

Set late in the 15th Century, the musical tells the story of Gusti Putri Retno Dumilah, a Javanese princess from Majapahit who falls in love with the Malay warrior of Melaka Hang Tuah. However, he is loyal to his ruler Sultan Mahmud Shah who wants to marry the princess, and helps Sultan Mahmud seek her hand in marriage.

The princess gives Hang Tuah a list of difficult conditions for Sultan Mahmud to fulfil, and they include collecting seven trays of mosquito hearts and a bowl of his son's blood.

The musical originally starred Tiara as the princess, Stephen Rahman-Hughes as Hang Tuah, Adlin as Sultan Mahmud and Datuk AC Mizal as the King of Majapahit.

Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical won Best Director, Best Lighting Design, Best Music and Sound Design, Best Costume Design, and Best Original Script among others in the 5th Annual Boh Cameronian Arts Awards 2006.

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